Beginner Running Course

8 Week Complete Beginner Running Course

If you have always wanted to jog but never thought you could or if you haven't jogged for a while and would like to ease yourself back in then the Beginner Course is ideal for you!

The 8 week course is designed to start you off start gently with a combination of walking and jogging gradually increasing the ratio of jogging to walking whilst also increasing the distance and pace.

We vary the route each week and include a warm up, jog session, cool down and stretch.

Exercising in a group with likeminded other ladies has been proven to be more effective and lots more fun! 

With my motivation, support and encouragement you will surprise yourself at how much you are capable of and what you can achieve.

ONLY 52 for an 8 week course - contact me and book now!

Beginner Sessions are in Abbots Langley on a Monday 6pm and Friday 9.15am. There is also a session in Radlett Tuesday 930am.