Already Running

You can already run and now feel like you would like to join a friendly group not only for company and safety but also to bring the enjoyment into running and to start making running feel more comfortable, to improve your distance and work on your speed.

Every session is varied with different routes, distances and terrain and sometimes some drills added in to work on hills, stamina and speed.
Every session will offer options to extend the route or shorten the route depending on your level and how you feel. Ladies of a similar pace are grouped together making sure that no one is left on their own or ever left behind! At the end of each run we always stretch to ease off aching muscles and encourage flexibility.
We have a great group culture of running as a team whilst still making sure individuals are achieving their personal goals.

If you are entering a 10k race, half marathon or full marathon incorporating the weekly sessions into your training plan will keep things varied and interesting.

See the Session Times page for timetable